Screw drivers and accessories

32pc Bits
Bits set assortment Chrome Vanadium 32pc inc. Bit Extension in case

Code LB13589

Torx tempered screw driver
1) Size: T6
Measurement: 3 x 60 MM
Code: PD428113

2) Size: T7
Measurement: PD428114
Code: PD428114

3) Size: T8
Measurement: PD428115
Code: PD428115

4) Size: T9
Measurement: PD428116
Code: PD428116

5) Size: T10
Measurement: PD428117
Code: PD428117

6) Size: T15
Measurement: PD428118
Code: PD428118

7) Size: T20
Measurement: PD428119
Code: PD428119

8) Size: T25
Measurement: PD428120
Code: PD428120
21pc bits and sockets
21pc of bits and sockets assortment in holder including T-form driver in non slip material

Code PD134605
7pc drill bits
7pc set of drill bits in case including magnetic bit holder. Ass pozi, flat and philips

Code PD100650
8pc drill bits
8pc set of drill bits in case including magnetic bit holder and ratchet that can be used as a screwdriver. Ass pozi, flat and philips

Code PD129981

Picking Tools
2 piece picking tools
Flexible magnet and flexible claws - 550mm

Code LB13601
6pc precision screwdriver
6pc precision screwdriver set in plastic case with clear display, with metal frame and non slip handle - Assorted flat and philips

Code PD429801
Screwdriver Set
7pc screwdriver set with handle in rubberized material for better grip and quality, in pvc case - Assorted flat and Philips

Code PD129968

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